Instruments Care

Metrika Instruments: Scissors Maintenance

To guarantee yourself many years of great service from your Europa hairstyling scissors, please heed the following advice:

1. General information:

• Your hair scissors should only be used for cutting (natural and synthetic) hair.
• Store your Europa scissors in a safe place to prevent them from getting damaged.
• The cutting edges and tips of the blades can easily be ruined if the scissors drop.

2. Cleaning:

• Clean your hairstyling scissors every day with a soft cloth and remove any hair clinging to them, especially hair around the pivot point.

3. Oiling:

• Oil the pivot point and the blade cutting edges of your METRIKA INSTRUMENTS scissors every day after cleaning the scissors.
• Open and close the scissors several times, so that the oil can spread across the areas it’s needed as evenly as possible.

4. Blade mobility:

• The optimum basic tension for your scissors is set at our factory.

5. Sharpening service:

• Have your METRIKA hairstyling scissors resharpened regularly by METRIKA sharpening service staff.
• The fact that the service is carried out by specially trained METRIKA personnel ensures that the scissors will be of the same high quality after the sharpening as when they were first purchased.

Tweezers Quality:

Our tweezers have best quality with equal and fine tips to pick up the smallest & fine lashes having soft and easy grip.

2. Tweezers Material:

• We use surgical grade rust free & corrosion free stainless steel in our all tweezers.

3. Tweezers Finishes:

• We provide the tweezers in different finishes such as mirror polish, matt/satin, sand blasted, gold plated, multicolor , rainbow colors, plain colors, animal prints finish and in all pantone shades etc.

4. Packaging & Shipping:

• All tweezers could be supplied in blister packaging / crystal tube packaging / pouch packaging / zipper bag packaging / pvc envelope packaging…

5. Tweezers With Private Labeling:

• We can put customer’s brand name on the Tweezers.

6. Tweezers Customization:

• We can make the custom designed tweezers also according to customer’s specification and instructions.